Daily Discipline

~1 Timothy 4:8~
“For bodily exercise profits a little, but godliness is profitable for all things, having promises of the life that now is and of that which is to come.”

What does the word exercise mean? It means to train for or to work towards something. When we excise we are usually doing it for a reason, that reason being for our own benefit. We gain from exercise. So why not exercise godliness. Why not have discipline in spending time in the Word and letting it show in our everyday lives. This just brings me back to how actions speak louder than word. The things we say and the things we do have a huge impact on whether we show the work that Christ is doing in our lives. I just had a conversation this morning(March 20th,2016) with some of the other inter girls here. We were expressing to each other how when we go home we are nervous to see if people are going to see a difference in us or are they just going to see the same person that left. Will we be a new creation in their eyes? If we are not then we probably didn’t let the Lord work in our hearts and transform us into His image. I know that the Lord has changed me for the better and that is because I see Him working in my heart and in my life that if I was not willing to let Him then there is no way that it would be happening. The one thing that has benefited me the most is being disciplined in my devotional time. Without that time spent everyday digging into His word then I probably wouldn’t see the work He is doing in me. I am excessing His word in my life and actions. It may be easier for me because I am surrounded by people that love Him and in a place where it’s really hard to not be sending time with the Lord. I know that when I get home it will be more difficult but I continue to ask God to strengthen me for that time.


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