May 29th, 2017
John 1:18
“And immediately they left their nets and followed Him.”      -ESV

This section of scripture is one that for years I have just passed over and not really taken a second to ponder how this scripture could really impact my life. It’s one that recently has penetrated my heart deeply and makes me really question what I am doing and who God is. This whole chapter is really one that I could spend hours talking about and realizing that I am so lost but yet so beyond found and blessed by my Father. The realization that He calls and I need to answer.

The word that really caught my eye in this verse is IMMEDIATELY. A word that is so strong in it’s meaning yet so diluted and scanned over like it’s of no importance. This word is used 9 times in the first chapter alone of John. It’s used in many different contexts yet this is the one that stuck out to me the most.

I love the urgency that comes to my mind when I think about how the fisherman IMMEDIATELY left their nets and followed Jesus. Many times we read about how people follow Jesus and in reading it I have think “well, was it immediate or did they ponder it for a minute, question, doubt and then believe”. Then I look at myself and ask myself the same question…do I IMMEDIATELY go and follow Jesus or do I wait, ponder, doubt and then believe? I so badly want to be that person that just goes, no doubts, no fears, no hesitation. But that is not who I am. I have questions, I have fears, I have doubts, I hesitate. Yes, the fear, the hesitation and doubt can and has saved me from evil things but it has also held me back from going full force into something that the Lord has asked me to do.

When I read this scripture I am taken back to over a year ago when I did take that step of faith and allow God to take my fears, hesitations, and doubts and allow me to step into something that would only increase my faith. That “thing” would be IGNITE. I would like to think that I immediately got up, left my “nets” behind and immediately followed the Lord and His plan. But I didn’t, and I still find myself not immediately going after the Lord in absolutely everything. The Lord has allowed me to be blessed beyond belief because of that leap of faith yet everyday I still find myself hiding in a corner not wanting to step out into the light to see what God has for me because I am held back by fears, hesitation and doubts and the possibility of being pushed out of my comfort zone and possibly not getting what I want or thought was best for me. But each day that goes by it gets a little bit easier to step out of the corner that is so filled with fears, doubts and hesitations, to leave my “nets” behind because the Lord continues to remind me that I am in need of Him every second of every day that whether I am in good times or hard times I am in need of a physician(Chapter 2 verse 17). He will have my hand every step of the way and every time I find myself walking just a little bit astray He guides me back onto His path, a path filled with grace, love, mercy and a place that no matter how imperfect I am is guided by a God that is perfect.


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