With Me Always

“Behold, the eye of the Lord is on those who fear Him, on those who hope in His steadfast love, that He may deliver their souls from death and keep them alive in famine.” Psalm 33:18-19
The first thing I thought when I read these verses was “how”? How does the Lord keep His eye on all His children, how is it that He sees all things yet is so personal with me. I love that I don’t understand, I pray that it never stops blowing my mind the things that I learn about the Lord. I pray that when I realize that He is so much greater than I make Him out to be that joy would be overflowing that my life is in the hands of The Creator! That my love for Him would never run dry because He is Love, He is God! I am amazed by His steadfast love for me and that He continues, not just once or twice, but continues to pull me out of a sea of lies and doubt that I find myself drowning in and continues to deliver my soul from death and feeds me when I have nothing and am waisting away and going through the motions. He is my life savor that holds me all the days of my life! My souls waits for the Lord, He is my help and my shield. For my heart is glad I’m Him because I trust in His holy name.(vs. 20-21)

Lord, Let your steadfast love be upon me every second of everyday. Help me to to know that even when my life feels out of control You have full control. Help my love for You to grow deeper and deeper and help me to overflow with Your grace.


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